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Means Dont break your friend, co-worker, Co-d's parter in crime . word for nobody. Never tell what's going on or what happen around the way Block,Trap,Corner where ever you at and something happen Keep the Code of silence (C.O.S) it was Created by A group of guys from the side south of Baltimore called Cherry Hill project at the time there was a lot of snitching going on so the Rappers of the trap started (C.O.S) and use to tell ppl let the police do there job.
When or if you ever get court doing anything that can put you in jail or lose your job and you know or seen something that can be use to help catch somebody. You say hey it's a code of silence and we don't break it for nobody
by Covell means "King of All" November 04, 2015
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Used in any circumstance where one or more parties agree: what, who, where, why, and how will not be releaved for any reason.
Example: handled the lurk mission on that untrustworthy fool, and here are the goods. Keep this favor discrete, and remember this matter involves a code of silence; don't let me catch you slipin' cutty
by Kirk Master Flex's apprentice February 17, 2015
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