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a colorful hand knitted sweater like over garmet that one wears on ones cockshaft for fashion and warmth. Possible attachments include the "ball bag" and "head hood." These items are sold at such stores as: Osh Cock...BallGock, JC Penis, Ball-Walmart, and American Eagle.
Fo Example: "Bro, my G-Ma is totally gonna hook me up this Christmas with a sick nasty cocksweater."
"No way man! Like aaaaawehehr4hhadlfdjfasldf"
*Guy Two Explodes because he was a robot the whole time...*
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1. noun. A cylindrical sweater worn over a male's penis.
2. adjective. An irritating, ignorant person.
3. noun. A person who spends their time keeping penises warm.
annoying jerk poser idiot ignorant jackass asshatmisogynist egotistical
He decided to wear his finest wool cocksweater on his ascent up Mt. Everest. He knew it would be a perilous and frigid climb.

I met a cocksweater outside the bar in town last night, he said he thought he was pretty good looking. He also assumed that I wanted to have sex with him. What a cocksweater.

George W. Bush spent the last 8 years working as a cocksweater for the vice president.

by C.A.E. January 10, 2009
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