Cockie is a cookie with a cock in it.
Kuka is the swedish translation.
Hey dude, we should bake a cockie.
by UppsyGodisSak November 07, 2016
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Australian word (we have a few of our own)Person from outback of australia - usually involved in barely sustainable farming of crap desert land.

Most cockies lose money on farming but gain money on government subsidies (similar to %100 of amercian farmers)
don't know why that cockie bothers trying to scratch a living out of that phunk of desert
by Elwood March 20, 2005
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1. australian slang for cockatoo, a large white parrot with a yellow crest; 2. australian slang for penis - usually used in an endearing and/or sarcastic way.
There's quite a few cockies outside today.
by aussiecanoer March 22, 2007
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Opposite of Coochie. Has the same energy, but to the opposite gender.
Person 1: Yo dude gimme summa dat COCKIE
Person 2: Jesus Stephanie is this how you deal with your geandfather’s death?
Stephanie: sHUT UP DAD I HATE YOU!
by Gregory Smithinstien August 05, 2019
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