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A CoDtard is a person of lesser intellectual capacity than the average human, this leads to an uncanny addiction to the Call of Duty series. A CoDtard can't motivate why they like Call of Duty or why it is superior to other games, in their opinion. Most CoDtards are also trolls on other game forums. CoDtards are often also white-supremacists. Most CoDtars are in the age group 9-15, tough some rare exceptions are known to exist.
CoDtard: The Halo: Reach graphics look like shit.
Human 1: Have you even seen them?
CoDtard: Why would I waste my time on shit like that?!
Human 2: Seriously you can't just say everything that isn't made by Infinity Ward or Treyarch is shit.
CoDtard: Shut up you niggers!!!
by A real human April 06, 2010
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Someone who does not know any first person shooter game outside of Call of Duty and refuses to accept that it is merely a run of the mill, dry shooter.

May also apply to someone who only plays Call of Duty and says they are a gamer.
Guy1: OMGLOL COD4 is teh best game EVAR, ur Haff Life is shit.
Guy2: Fucking CODtard
by Wrathsputin April 12, 2011
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An antisocial person who plays Call of Duty and nothing else
Person 1: Is Matt coming out tonight?
Person 2: Nah he's playing World at War again, what a CoDtard!
by kravex December 05, 2008
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Derogatory term for people who like to play Call Of Duty, an expansion of the term tard. Normally used by people with inferior FPS skills that prefer simpler games like 'My Horse And Me', and 'Left4Dead'
"Man, he is such a CoDtard! Oh noes, zombies are eating my horse's brain!"
by Grukk December 05, 2008
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