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Someone who in infatuated with the game 'Clash of Clans'. They find it to be a drug of sorts, since they check up on their village every waking moment, even when they know that their town hall still has 13 hours left to upgrade. They will find it overwhelmingly impossible to avoid telling their neighbors about how far their village has grown from a little shit-hole to freaking metropolis.
COC-sucker Cody "Dude! My last raid got me rolling in hella amounts of dark elixir! You know I'll be owning them hoards of hog-riders soon!"
Kenny "You're such a COC-sucker, bro."
by AllHailVision December 01, 2014
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Someone who freaking sucks in Clash Of Clans no matter what Town Hall/Base you have and no matter what Attack Strategy you use.
C.O.C Sucker Zach: Hey guys wanna see my base and attack logs?
Friends: Sure Zack!
C.O.C Sucker Zach: Here ya go!
Attack Logs: All Zero Stars
Defense Logs: Base 360 NoScoped.
Friends: How the hell does your base look so good but it gets destroyed by level ones?
C.O.C Sucker Zack: Idk I think I'm a C.O.C Sucker! :(
Random People Nearby: HAH! Gaaaayyy!
by Mr.SmartzAzz August 03, 2016
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