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A female who feels incomplete unless swinging from clunge. Often, although not exclusively, accompanied by barely contained feelings of anger, bitterness and superiority stemming from unresolved conflict issues and penis envy. Used as a more colloquial term than Big Fat Angry Lezzer.
'So Tom, how was the party?'
'Well Claire it was great. Right up until the part where i got set upon by this pair of angry, based-up clungemonkeys!'
by doombadger April 25, 2010
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1. A derogatory term for a mentally retarded person.
2. Someone who likes to delve in the vagina area for extended periods.
1. "Look at that unfortunate Clunge Monkey in the wheelchair over there".
2. "That guys breath smells like fish... He's a definite Clunge Monkey".
by Young Sween January 25, 2009
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