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'kloo-ee' (adjective) A person who is clever, mentally quick and original. Also a person who is very perceptive, particularly in making smart remarks.
Howard is cluey, if you try to make a joke of him, prepare to be embarrassed!
by A. Schembri December 03, 2006
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Droopy Dawg's Dad. Dangerous man with the west coast cooler if he's in the form. The world's most annoying ManUre fan, also quite guff-tacular on the pitch until he runs out of puff and slips a disc in his back. After 4 minutes. Questionable head attire.
Cluey: Most likely to be heard saying, "I think I'll just have a white wine sptritzer, thanks"
by Ule Neverwalk Alone February 01, 2007
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