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Being raped by someone in a clown suit or a clown mask or raping someone wearing a clown suit or mask.
Did you see Little House On The Prairie the other night? It was a two part episode about clown rape!
by RobNYC May 29, 2008
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What happened to Sylvia on "Little House..." when I was seven, which then lead to a horrifying 'where do babies come from?' discussion with my mom...

Also explains why I don't like having sex with clowns.
Me: How did the baby get in the girl's stomach?
Mom: She got clown raped.
Me: Huh?
Mom: The clown put his penis in the girl's vagina.
Me: (cries quietly in corner)
by Liberation675 May 31, 2008
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The act of having intercourse, either consented or not, with a female clown and doing the following....

As you are hitting the clown ass from behind and about to climax, honk their nose and slap her in the back of the head. This is immediately followed by having them make a you a poodle balloon animal to take home. While their tears run down their sad clown face, you wipe yourself clean on their rainbow afro. Then you say taking your balloon animal, "Turn that frown upside down BITCH!"
John said he liked clowns so Amante dressed up as one. Do you know what he did? He fucking clown raped her.
by The Wizard From RD August 04, 2010
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The act done by Scott... a kid i know... cause... its hilarious to rape clowns
dude... did you see that clown rape last night?
by Stephan February 26, 2005
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