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something people drink or wash clothes with
Person A: "Fuck off, leafy is cancer"
Clorox Bleach: "Drink Me"
by 대한민국 August 16, 2016
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An extremely potent beverage that has seen a drastic rise in fame over the last year or two, previously used to whiten white clothes in the laundry and now used virtually to commit suicide.

It's backwards usage is comparable to that of kys in which death loses relevance and becomes desirable for the user, the target, or both. Bleach is most commonly applied to oneself upon witnessing something that induces cringe.

The brand of laundry enhancers have also been known to own numerous YouTube accounts.
The song Sweatshirt by Jacob (hashtag) Saggytits is a known substance whose only cure appears to be bleach.

Viewer101: cringe
Viewer 202: I need bleach
Clorox Bleach: hello
by Flashy & Cocky May 20, 2017
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