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Cliconline is the number 1 website in Wales to give you information, advice, news and so much more for the young people of Wales, the age range being 11-25.

It is run by ProMo Cymru and Clic has smaller local sites for each county of Wales. Right now there's only 11 (Swoosh, Wicid, Young Wrexham, Young Flintshire, Young Newport, TheSprout, Shoutawe, Defaid, Camarthenshire Youth Bwsted and Clic itself) but soon 83% of Wales shall have their own Clic site.

Clic is run by young people for young people and has some fantastic contributors such as CrazyDistortion, kranenvuhurr, Ihavethecyrusvirusx, Stormer007, eddie secretary and many more. You can write about whatever you want providing it doesn't break the rules.

If you want your opinion heard, go and join today.
"Hey Did you read Dear World this week?"

"Not yet. Is it featured on Cliconline? I now it's from the RCT site, Wicid, but like, did Dan & Ryan put it up on Clic?"
"Yeah, it's a good one this week"


"Did you see the film Stormer007 did?"
"Yeah! It's awesome, man!"
"He even looks like Doctor Who..."

"Kranenvuhurr is such a good writer"
"I know. Loves his trains,too."

"Ihavethecyrusvirusx is Clicer of the year"
"I know. Saw her a the Clicawards. Deserved it in my opinion."
"And mine. I voted her."

"Eddie Secretary's stories are really good!"
"I know! His sister is writing now,too."

"They should collab together."

"When's the next Clic Resiential?"

"Um, I dunno, soon I hope. They are really fun."
"Too right, bro."

"Did your article get uploaded after?"
"Yep! And went on Clic,too"
by elclicerdood November 24, 2011
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