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Village near Cincinnati populated with a variety of people from hicks to upper middle class. Three rivers school district takes money away from people every election because they are greedy. Cleves is also a place where many families live and is a safe place. Popular places to go are Skyline, Another Bar, and Wild Mikes.
Person 1-cleves? isnt that a bad place to live
Person 2- God No! its the best village in Ohio
by countrybumpkin13 February 06, 2012
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A horrible city near Cincinnati, Ohio consisting of nothing but racist, over privileged, white people who look down on minorities and gays and do nothing but show off their wealth. It also consists of lame teenagers who have nothing to do except go to Wild Mike's or get drunk. (Not to be confused with Cleveland.)
Person A: "I just moved to Cleves."
Person B: "Ew, why?"
Person A: "My parents are racist."
Person B: "Oh. Well, I'm not going to come visit you. It's terrible there."
by tshirttime June 05, 2011
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