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A city with a cock-sucking player that went to play for the deep-south, has some of the best schools like Hathaway Brown (Go Blazers!), Laurel, St. Ed's, maybe school across from Wendy's (look up St. Ig's, they suck dicks, but they are kinda smart), ect., some okay successful people, the MOST poorest people (they can't even afford shit), and very flammable water sources. But at least we're better than Hollenbeck or Detroit (ESPECIALLY DETOIT cause they'll all go to hell). I'm a Clevelander and really proud of it.
Clevelander (from Cleveland Ohio):Hey
Detroit Person: Hey
D-P: This place sucks
C-er: WTF dude?
D-P: I mean srsly, look at all the stuff that happened. That 23 tall n*$#@% left.
C-er: Do know what racism is?
D-P: Whuh?
C-er: Do you know what an education is?
D-P: Whuh?
C-er: Never mind, oaf.
by GoHBBlazersYouRock December 07, 2010
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