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Is when someone Face Times (or Skypes ) you while they are defecating.

1. My friend Wade Wilson gave me a Cleveland streamer from a porta potty yesterday. It felt like I was right there with him. Technology is amazing!!!

2. What good is a Cleveland Streamer if my speaker phone doesn't work?

3. "I'm not sure how this FaceTime call turned into a Cleveland streamer but I'm glad it did. Alright mom, I'll talk to you later."

4. "Trey Parker and I were on our way to this WTM concert. We were having a great time when his phone rings and it's Wade Wilson giving him a Cleaveland Streamer."
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by CleavelandStreamer June 26, 2016
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The process of shitting liquids onto your partner's chest and then proceeding to perform sexual intercourse with their chest.
"I heard Lindsay Lohan got a Cleveland Streamer from Arnold Schwarzenegger."
by VaginaSpiders August 08, 2014
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Much like a Cleveland Steamer, only instead of shitting on the tits, the man shits on the woman's face as she is sleeping, and she wakes up to a mouthful of shit and flies.
Cleveland Streamers are so much awesomer than the Steamers.
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