2 definitions by dan da goddamn muthafuckin man

The worst things your crush could ever call you. It stands for "Dude. Man.Fam.Bro.Bud" If your crush calls you any of these 5 names, you are instantly cast down to the firey pits of the friendzone
You: "I love you"
Crush: "Aww thanks bud"
You: "Hey you're really pretty"
Crush"Thanks fam"
You: "Hey I got you a dimond neclace because of how much I like you"
Crush: "Thanks dude!"
You:"Hey can I have 10 bucks? I'm hungry"
Crush: "Yeah I got you bro"
these are all examples of a DMFBB. Dont let yourself get played.
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Much like a Cleveland Steamer, only instead of shitting on the tits, the man shits on the woman's face as she is sleeping, and she wakes up to a mouthful of shit and flies.
Cleveland Streamers are so much awesomer than the Steamers.
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