A slang phrase meaning to strike a blow to the face, where someone's face is their 'clock'.
Steve: Wow john, you blew it there.
John: Oh shut up, or I'll clean your clock.
by Super Cru (C-Baller) September 19, 2008
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to completely trounce someone in a game of sport or skill; to beat completely or utterly
"You want to play tennis with me? Cool, but be warned — I'll probably clean your clock."
by Steveryone March 5, 2019
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means to thoroughly take someone to task
Brian was spreading false information behind Mark's back, Jared told Mark about Brian then went back to Brian and said " Mark is going to clean your clock!"
by urbal February 23, 2011
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slang for sexual intercourse
to have one's clock cleaned is to take the train down to pound-town
to ascertain whether or not the curtains do indeed match the drapes
to hit a home run with the bases loaded if you know what i'm saying
briar: say dave, when was the last time someone cleaned your clock?
dave: a few months ago, i guess? it's been a while
by ಠ_ಠ_ಠ_ಠ December 6, 2015
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