A phrase used by a certain Dr. Saghri to describe the process of turning bits to 0's in a register
So you take this bit mask and you clean the house of bit 3-5
by Bungalow Bill October 12, 2001
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The process of eating a high fiber diet over the course of several days in an effort clear out your bowels.
Dude...I am cleaning the house. Today I ate a fat bowl of oatmeal, a whole head of broccoli, brown rice covered in refried beans, and like a pound of carrots. This deuce is going to be EPIC.
by Branderson November 30, 2010
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when you clean your house JUST enough to be able to play the wii.
"Hey man did you clean up the pad?"
"No dude, wii Clean the House and got baked"
by autmonster October 2, 2008
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The process of getting a tissue, towel or wet-wipe to clean up a sexual participant's stomach, anus, lower back, mouth or vagina following sexual intercourse.
by iggyboo5 September 8, 2009
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To clean house is to delete all the people on facebook that you don't give a shit about.
"This weekend I unfriended Mara, Sara, Autumn, and Jackie. Yeah, It was a clean house Saturday!"
by tosh daniels February 7, 2012
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Literal definition: Cleaning a dirty house/home.

Figurative definition: Getting rid of unwanted baggage in one's life, such as bad "friends" or fake people.

"My house is so dirty!"
"Looks like you need to clean house!"


"That girl is such a bad friend and not worth my time."
"Girl, it's time to clean house!!"
by highschoolneverends July 28, 2009
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To be in the process of either

-To be effortlessly winning at any form of gambling where one plays against The "house" or "bank". Now extended to also mean effortlessly winning at friendly card games or any form of gambling.

-To be pulverising the opposition when heavily outmubered. Can refer to massacres, brawls or anything similar.
"He was cleaning house at the craps table last night"

"He's cleaning house at the drugs den because he has a wicked AK."

"The undertaker is in the ring and is cleaning house."
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
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