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A player in Cod4 who clearly sees that you have a claymore set up in a spot and plants his in a way so that he will get the kill.
Person A:I already put a claymore at the door, why'd you put your 2?

Person B: Cuz i wanted to.

Person A: You fucking faggit claywhore. (Proceeds to blow them up)
by Rega August 23, 2008
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A player in Modern Warfare 2 who camps in a room with a claymore, uses Scavenger to resupply from the people he/she has killed with the claymore and then repeats the process.
Victor: I hate Claywhores.

Chromeskull: Try using Scrambler.

Victor: Scrambler sucks.

Chromeskull: Not if you have pro.
by Chromeskull March 17, 2010
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