The last good graduating class before the Class of 2022 and Class of 2023
“What class are you?”

Class of 2021!”
by JayIsReallyGay August 18, 2019
Super savage goofballs who don’t think vaping is cool but juul sometimes
“Hey, I’m graduating in the Class of 2021”
“Cool, can I get a hit of your juul bro?”
by Sophomores September 10, 2018
The first (or technically second) graduating class during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Class of 2021 went through a lot of challenges, but we pulled through boys!
by BATMN every day June 5, 2021
The class of 2021 sucks. They hate the class of 2022 but pretend to like them because they’re jealous. They love the class of 2020 but the 2020 kids hate them. They don’t associate with the class of 2023. Most guys in this grade are nicotine addicts or cocky football players. The girls are sluts and hoebags, very few are actually cool.
Kid- “Are you in the class of 2021?”
Kid 2- “fuck no that shit wack”
by J3L3Y April 16, 2020
Terrible attitudes, bad hygiene, disrespectful, sluts, thots, whores, hoes, fuckboys, shiteaters
Kim: Don’t you graduate in the class of 2021.
Kanye: Yes, why
Kim: Sorry, my friend warned me about y’all class.
by jjl20 November 13, 2019
A group of crackheads and juul junkies, primarily born in the year 2002.
The class of 2021 is acting a fool again.
by thathonestducky August 25, 2019
Born in primarily 2002 to early 2003, this is the last good graduating class. Unlike all the lower classes, they aren't tiktok obsessed and don't constantly thinking about how to look older when just 12. They enjoyed being kids when they were kids. They lived in the present moment.For them having a real personality is important, not just a social media one.

Unlike the 06 plus kids today they actually witnessed the 2000s and 2010s

They're the batch in the grey area of genz and a bit of millennial. They did grow up with kids born in the late 90s in school. They enjoyed the mid/late 2000s as their childhood and the 2010s too. They grew up with iconic Disney shows, vine, all the good music, the dance challenges in elementary and middle school (no not cringey tiktoks) , they make memes and they were 14 in 2016- the last good year. They grew up when the Internet was FUN.
Compared to middle schoolers or even highschoolers now, hands down they had the best school years.
They're the class that got the best of both worlds.
They're not all superficial, they're smart as hell, they're chill, beautiful and love having fun. They went through a lot of challenges yet they're tight-knit and again literally the last best class.

They're the class that even previous classes can relate to and can just chill with which isn't possible with the younger genz kids.
Class of 21: Hi, yes I'm class of 2021

Other person: *looks at class of 2023 onwards aggressively making tiktoks everywhere* Y'all lucky af
by arcticmonkeysgirl October 5, 2021