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Aged and beat the hell up usually not reliable and heavily worn
by Diesel train 69 May 4, 2021
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A female who has had sex so much you could 'clap' in her.
"wow man, you wont feel nothing with her, shes totally clapped out"
"you could clap in her, shes totally clapped out"
by sharples May 25, 2007
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Clapped out... referring to beating the fuck out of something like a vehicle or someone’s asshole
I might be a virgin but I clapped out Jenny last night
by Gggffffw May 18, 2019
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Easy. The Lincoln lse v8 especially the 2004 model. Is NOT the definition of clapped out. As the bmw e30 1991 model would be the real definition of “clapped out”.
As the bmw drove down the road you can tell the cars clapped out.
by Jaxonmarshall September 19, 2018
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Verb - to have vigorous doggystyle sex with, to the point where the female's ass cheeks are hitting you so hard, there is a clapping sound.
Guy 1: hey, could you hear me clap out Megan last night?

Guy 2: yeah, it sounded like the fan section at Madison Square Garden cheering on the Knicks
by RodmanRuxin November 19, 2017
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