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Clairissa is typically Asian. She claims her eyebrow game is superior to all else, yet she is nothing with Anastasia brow powder. She enjoys interior design, clubbing, and saving women's fashion boards on Pinterest. From time to time, she'll eat the occasional salad, but her heart lies within pizza. She prefers school over work, and she's an excellent student. However, she's the life of the party. This is easily understood by the fact that she wears sunglasses for the entire day after her birthday. All in all, Clairissa is best known as a pretty 19-year-old who dislikes Chinese food even though she looks Chinese. In addition, Clairissa is described as sweet as sugar and she loves Nelly
Clairissa never has just one favorite color
by Girl_gossip December 04, 2014
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Is a bomb boss as bitch that needs a boyfriend but be loyal guys 😩💦❤️
Dude that girl clairissa I'm so gonna ask her out !
by Clairrrrrer March 15, 2017
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