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Ciyani is a intelligent girl who knows her shit, she is dark skinned and curvy and has one hell of a booty. She acts all shy in public, especially around people she doesn't know. But when you catch her alone she is one feisty person. Most her friends are boys, but she does her best to keep them as just friends.She plasters a smile on her face, but is really broken inside. Doesn't know she's beautiful. Insecure about her looks. Has the cutest laugh, isn't afraid to stand up for herself. Unique. A bit of a flirt, but would never cheat.

She stays true to herself and is great with kids.
Any guy lucky enough to have the heart of Ciyani would be a fool to let her go

You aint never had a girl like Ciyani

I'd search the world for Ciyani
by THE Secret Sally June 24, 2018
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