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Civettictis civetta, the civet, is a ground-dwelling mammal akin to the raccoon that absolutely nobody gives two sharts about. The only known purpose for its existence is lowering medical students' test scores.

Many people are inclined to be angry about civets, especially since they may be the reservoir for SARS. These people lack perspective: after all, having an AIDS baby is much worse than having a civet.
"Can you believe that they asked a question on this exam about civets?"
"No, civets."
by John Kimball September 19, 2007
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An amazing all girl Femme Fatale Punk Rock band from LA. They're almost like the female version of Aiden. =

Ms. Liza Graves
Suzi Homewrecker
Jacqui Valentine
Roxie Darling
by Becka Fatale April 23, 2009
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