City boys summer is an alternative for the term that girls use “city girl summer” referencing to the girl group ‘city girls’. Meaning having a good time/partying.
Omg did you see alex’s story? Him Abel , mattilo and Andre are going crazy at this party! Seems like they are having a city boys summer.

A city boy summer is a term used to describe a group of guys living it up during the summer.
by Roxayyyyyy July 6, 2019
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a term used by city boys in which they cheat on a girl wit multiple sneaky links. the term is usually used by stitches or comments on tiktok.
“city boys up 💯”
by VictorVsTheWorld July 5, 2022
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It’s almost the equivalent to “ Hot Girl summer” or the opposite of “ simp”. A man or group of friends who are studs. Someone who isn’t afraid to take a risk and has confidence to have a conversations with woman.
She told me she cheated on me. I told her it’s cool I’m already dating your best friend.

“ dude to his friends; “ city boys up” as they celebrate for the men version of a win
by Jay Wolf February 22, 2023
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Usually boys that attend West City High School. Their personalities are a blend of douche bag, ugly, overly arrogant, disgusting, hairy, bastards.
He's a fake cowboy, must be an Iowa City Boy.
by Gay Guy 345678 February 16, 2012
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A mediocre male who gives no sh*t abt things happening around him. he ain't a douchebag or a scumbag. but he loves to stroll around the city like a freakk. can walk around the city for a whole ass day no problem.
:bro.. see that dawg over there rolling around the city like its his last day on earth?
:ya thinking its one of those city boy freaks.. look out
by notacityboyhomo February 10, 2022
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wanna be gangsters, fucks anything that moves, thinks they drug dealers bc they sold a blunt they stole from they dada, anger issues, n let’s not forget CHEATERS>>>>>>
bullhead city boys r trash simple as that. “aye cuh i just cheated on my bitch wit ur loose ass hoe” “aha cuh no way that’s fucking dope, did u see that bag move in the wind cuh i gotta fuck it rq” “tell the homies to pull up cuh i gotta zip” “call em inna sec cuh i gotta fuck this bitches best friend cuh”
by -every bullhead city girl December 2, 2019
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