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Caelin is a girl's name that means pure. Caelin's are beautiful, smart, and funny. Caelin's have a softball booty They won't start a fight, but you can bet they'll finish one! They're like hell on heels. They're walking goddesses and have southern hospitality, but they can be a bitch when they want to!
Guy 1: "Dude! Did you just see that girl she's beuatiful!"

Guy 2: "Yea, her name is Caelin, I have her in my 2nd block. She's polite, but she put a bitch on blast the other day for messing with her friend."
Guy 1: "She defiantly seems likes a Caelin."
by HateMeIfYouWantTo January 30, 2015
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A person with an outwardly dominant, masculine, or aggressive personality, but who also enthusiastically takes on the submissive or "bottom" role in the bedroom.
"I'm tough, Mike! I never give an inch! I'm partial to taking a few though..."
"Ah, you're a real pipehitter."
by Skeletalchemy June 15, 2021
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Caelin is a boys name, Caelin gets all the girls and has a HUGE DICK. He is also SO MUSCULAR ,loves his sports and is SO Good at Basketball. He is the Sexiest man alive!
Do Youl ike Caelin?
Is Caelin Good at Basketball
by CMarshall September 19, 2019
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Caelins are amazing beautiful girls. If you know one GET HER NOW!!!!!!!! She is nice and funny and will love you forever. She is an angel in person. She will support you in anything. Don't let her go ever.

The best way to get her:

Walk up to her and ask if you can walk with her. If she says yes talk to her about how beautiful she is and how lucky you are being able to walk next to such an angel. She will most likely like you after that.
Caelin is hot.
by a secret crush on her April 25, 2019
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A beautiful girl with lots of friends but normally just a few super close friends. She spends her time with friends and watching Netflix in her bed with food. She loves shopping and has a great sense of humor and has a good sense of fashion when she feels up to trying to look good. She always procrastinates when doing work but is a good student nontheless.
β€œDo you see Caelin over there?!”
β€œWow! She looks so good, she must’ve actually tried to look nice.”
β€œWowza she’s hot. Look at her ass.”
by Clara H June 04, 2019
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Caelin; a refined version of the Cael'Muh, they originate
from Australia, being the chief mascot of many (if not most)
of their sports team's. It is also known to have the tastiest droppings than any other creatures in the Southern
"Crickey's, there a pack o' bloody wild Caelin's in the bush mate! Grab some of it's dropping's and throw it on the barby! Cue!"
by Caelin Ling August 24, 2006
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a sweetheart with a fat a$$. she goes after what she wants and she gets it.
yoo bro see that girl over there, with the phat booty, her names caelin. i heard she took that girls boyfriend.
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