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Nickname for the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. Much like the famous candy, which has an unnatural orange hue and is oddly-shaped with lumps and craters, President Circus Peanut is widely disliked and view as a repulsive fake substitute for the real deal.

*See also: Donald Trump, Trump, urinationalist
Can you imagine that Circus Peanut giving us the State of the Union?
by +ApN+ January 17, 2017
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Possibly the best candy in the history of the world. Almost a mysterious figure in the eyes of some, can change your cravings into feelings of death. Shaped like normal peanuts (but colored pinkish orange for a circus-theme), they can either be chewy or soft, depending on the brand who creates them. The only brands willing to even incorporate the words "Circus" and "Peanut" together are generic candy brands found in the rural town gas stations of America, and maybe even other places. Known to many as "That gross orange peanut that nobody likes", Some may think of it as god-like.

Facts (Taken from Wikipedia):
-The type of gelatin used in it is Pork Skin.
-In 1963, General Mills vice president John Holahan inventively discovered that Circus Peanuts shavings yielded a tasty enhancement to his breakfast cereal. General Mills formalized the innovation and created Lucky Charms, the first breakfast cereal to contain marshmallow bits (or "marbits").
-Over the years the best selling item has been orange in color, banana in flavor, and peanut in shape

Circus Peanuts are a delicious treat for boys and girls.

This treat, kids, is a gift from the Gods.
Dang Nabbit those Circus Peanuts are badical, I was cravin' em so badlike and once I had some I felt like never wanting them again, and boom an hour later I'm cravin for another whole helping of em'.
by Ah eddy October 09, 2006
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The most incredible orange marshmallow peanuts you will ever find in your lifetime.
Barry:Aw, shucks, you stole my circus peanut.

Xaviar:Whateva bitch, I do what I want. I will shove these circus peanuts in my mouth and die of pure happiness.
by Lil Khakis March 11, 2009
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Those little foamy orange candies that you only find at gas stations. The ones that taste how clear coat smells.
Dale: I just ate me some circus peanuts.
Kenny: I used to like those til I relized they tasted like clear coat spray paint.
Dale: ah man they're ruined now
by Doc4321 March 05, 2011
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what you get paid when working for a circus of an organizations. a further expression of being paid "peanuts"
Oh it's ok except I'm being paid in circus peanuts
by reginamicia February 17, 2011
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someone who is new at something...such as video games, used as a replacer/enhancer of the word noob...
"that circus peanut needs to learn how to fly before he goes against the ArA nation"
by =ArA=Venom August 14, 2008
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