A sexual act. Right as you are finishing a guy off with an old fashioned hand job, unknowingly aim it toward him so he ejaculates on his face. This can be paired with a red clown nose or by doing a "honk honk" motion afterwards for the full effect.
As John was approaching climax from receiving the best hand job ever, Veronica secretly put on a red clown nose and circus clown'ed him at the perfect moment.
by randomuser815 February 27, 2015
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A Tim Hortons employee who is heavily concealed behind vast amounts of makeup, gothic eyeliner and porn starlet red lipstick creating the appearance of a clown behind the counter.

Also known as a "CC"
Man check out CC tonight yo......that Circus Clown could juggle balls off that ass son. Shes got that hair of hers all balled up like a bozo the clown wig under that hair net.
by T-DawG November 23, 2004
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The act of attempting to hit on a female is a social setting by approaching her from behind and dancing erratically against her backside while loudly humming the circus song (formally known as "Entry of the Gladiators")
I was just circus clowning this tasty treat over by the bathrooms but turns out that was her boyfriend next to her. We gots to go!
by Ed-Money September 20, 2011
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ccc: certified circus clown
definition: Javier leong
wow javier, u are a certified circus clown!!
by dapenisisbig August 23, 2021
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A perverted circus creature that comes to life in the night in your bedroom. See also pervert, murderer, pedafile, voyeur, and rapist
1. Hello!!!! This is Krispi the Circus Clown!!!!! Sleep with one eye open!!! Huhuh!

2. Krispi lives by the motto, "Minimum clothing, for maximum fun!!!! Huhuh!"
by Krispi September 8, 2006
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When you have to preform complicated maneuvers in order to shave the pubic hairs of the rectum area that are hard to reach, but in the process end up looking like a fucking circus clown acrobatic nigger.
Last night Caeden had to shave his ass pubes because they kept blocking his poo, he had to pull a circus clown bend around.
by Slim Yim August 8, 2018
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He was a 400 pound comedian that hit puberty at 10 and did backflips across the stage in case the audience missed the circus. He was a circus clown.
by Solid Mantis January 10, 2021
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