1. Restrict: To limit the power of something or somebody to act independently.

2. Enclose within geometric shape: To draw one geometric figure around another so that they touch at every corner vertex (corner) of the enclosed figure or at every side of the enclosing figure without cutting across each other.
by Jafje April 10, 2007
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A collection of Google+ users placed inside a named Google+ social circle. A play on the term "subscriber". Commonly abbreviated as "scribe".
"I'm now have over 1000 circumscribers in my Google+ friends circle."

"I need to stream this to my scribes."

"I have 800 followers on Facebook, but more than 2000 scribes on Google+."
by QSwitch August 18, 2011
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To have ones writing revised by editing against the writers will. to edit, or change
My draft was barely recognizable after falling victim to the literary moils in the editing room. They have taken out all of the meat of my intent, and It feels like I have been circumscribed.
by Randysandy January 19, 2010
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