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A male name, coming from Italy, with the full name being Giacinto. He is passionate, kind, funny, and weird all at the same time. he takes a little to get to know, but once you do, he's a great friend. He's emotionally intelligent and doesn't give himself enough credit for the things he does well at. He's friends with everyone unless you are rude/mean to him. He ALWAYS makes jokes, that most people laugh at. He cares about his family and friends.
Someone "It's tinier than I expected."
Cinto "That's what she said."

Friend 1: "Cinto seems like a great guy."
Friend 2: "He really is, takes a little to know but totally work it."
by Xanai May 02, 2018
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Large man with a lot of hair and manliness. He also knees girls in the crotch either directly or by proxy. Other than the kneeing thing he's generally quite awesome. Also tends to eat a lot of cheese.
"He just kneed that girl in the crotch!"
"He is such a Cinto!"
by Juttezak May 05, 2010
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