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This Spanish word comes from the verb "calmar", meaning "to calm".

By making it "calma", it becomes a command in the familiar you form, becoming "you, calm".

Adding "te" on the end makes it reflexive, so that the final meaning becomes "you, calm yourself".

This world will appear in Spanish classrooms, outside of Spanish classrooms when spoken by Spanish students or native Spanish speakers, or by people who have picked it up from those previously mentioned types, or from Urban Dictionary.

Correctly pronounced, it is spoken:

"calm" (like the English word), "ah" (as in 'nod'), "tey" (as in 'bay').
"OMG! I'm freaking out over this AP exam!"

"Calmate amigo, calmate"
by Cristobal42 May 06, 2009
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Sometimes followed by Yo!
Calmate Yo!

Calm the Fuck out dude !.,

Particularly useful after you
had been away from the computer
for a few days and some Chongo
send you several emails expecting you to check your email. Get a life man!
Its the border hommie way of sain

!Chill the fuck out dude! Also used
in urban settings by white urban socialist
cooperative institution collectivist types.

Yea you know they type...not that there's anyhing wrong with that...
by ch0ng0 May 28, 2005
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