A beautiful girl that doesn't understand the true beauty she holds. She'll hold up all her friends on a throne when truly she deserves to be held upon that throne. She's very kind, but if you fuck her over expect all of her friends to attack you, even if she never told them to. She has so many friends that see her worth and for that she is very lucky. When you first meet her she will be very shy, but from that moment on... she radiates crackhead energy.
"Cierra is just an amazing person over-all." "Well yeah, she's Cierra."
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by Captain Buzkill May 03, 2021
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an amazing person who tries her best and is so popular but so nice and has many friends that she cares about so much over all if you are friends with a Cierra never let her go she cares about you and is a great funny friend.
an amazing person who likes there friends. if you know a Cierra never let her go and become best friends with her.
by pooparooni November 27, 2020
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