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In the Novel The Shivered Sky by Matt Dinniman, Cibola is the name of the citadel of Heaven. The city is invaded and ransacked by the demons.
Cibola is burning
by MJD December 27, 2003
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N. One of the 7 Sacred Cities mentioned in Spanish lore connected with untold wealth, decimation of the Moor's and a derivation of holy commodity that the Spanish had a particular affinity to.

See Greed
In pursuits of mans forsaken lust, apart from the triad of Vatican fuss, a wave my lad crashes on dire shores. Entire malfeasance; a small flotilla of Whores. Find ye crossed toward the Grecian retreat. Fallen Asphodel, the flower of Hell, smell of rotten meat. An army bristles at your feet. Tense the lines! Raise the Cry!

Over the hill Cibola catches my eye!

Or maybe not...Shit
by Desperations Antihelion July 10, 2008
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