Cianna’s are beautiful and funny. Their jokes can always make your day better along with her beautiful smile. They are usually short but mighty and aren’t afraid to chase their dreams. Cianna’s are rare and if you happen to meet one you better make sure you remember her, because she may be the only one you will ever meet. Cianna’s are very loyal, kind, and trustworthy people. They will never leave a friend behind and will always keep your secrets. They have lots of love that’s why they are more prone to getting their heart broken, but if one becomes your girlfriend, it will be the best kind of love you will ever receive from a person.
Cianna’s are anything you could want.
by Person56371 January 7, 2019
A unique name that is usually given to stuningly beautiful women. They are usually tall, thin and in great shape and exude tons of confidence. If you happen to spot one in the wild you can look, but do not touch. Cianna's are very often too good for you and will not give you the time of day. Remember the Cianna you spot, because you probably will never see another one again.
by YouorMehehe March 22, 2009
very beautiful, opinionated, and smart . you'll rarely ever meet a "cianna".
"wow shes so pretty!", she looks like a "cianna" "that cianna girl sure does speak her mind!"
by ccthecloutgod August 23, 2018
Beautiful, Smart, Opinionated, Full of life, Emotional. Has a smile that will light up your life.
Cianna is everything you could ask for.
by Momma1111 October 12, 2008
Cianna's are kind and careful and full of love ❤️ so if you see one keep your eyes 👀 on her cause you might never see one again
by Cumming on you March 23, 2017
A very sexy lightskin girl who has long hair and anyone would be lucky to be with her she is very smart and is not scared to go after her dreams she has a beautiful smile and is very sexual but is sometimes mean but is also very bipolar and she has soft lips.
If your girls name is Cianna you a winner
by 2005🤟🏾 April 18, 2019
A very unique person with a good personality. Ciannas are typically friends with anna’s, rachel’s, ella’s or shophie’s. Ciannas are negative and positive. They are rare so if u spot one ask for a pic!! Ciannas are strong and independent and have the most fun with themselves or close friends. They arnt trustworthy and don’t believe what a cianna says EVER.
by Colincat3728 February 26, 2018