Chuuch is just an old pimp way of saying "Amen" "CHUUCH". The word came from Chicago's Own - SEAMORE - But it is mainly used in place of "So It Is"

1. Whats up or how is it going

2.Snoop (CHUUCH) Amen,

3.Bishop (CHUUCH) whats goin on around here

4.Rev. Toby (CHUUCH) - "What it is" What it be like

5.Boss Man -Vick- "RIGHT - RIGHT"

6. A World of Warcraft player on the Eldre'Thalas server that likes to break it down!

by Pimp-C August 6, 2006
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something you say when another person is speaking the truth
Girl: man yo car is badd!
Boy: Yes Chuuch, ya know ya boi try!
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Chuuch means anything sacred. Snoop D-O-double gizzle said so himself nizzle bizzles. He uses it different ways, mostly for authority though...for exampizzle
Chuuch used by itself means like fat shit or 'cool'
Chuuch at the end of a sentence means god bless and/or bitch
by SpaceToasters July 26, 2003
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The phrase "chuuch", taken from the Magic bishop don jaun himself meaning is of one love, one community inside this pimpin'.
by frostyvision October 16, 2003
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shit is fly, double meaning of god bless you. snoop got it from bishop don magic jusn, from chicago.chuuuuch homie
that was a great show,chuuuch!
by BIGWILL July 16, 2003
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Keeping god in everything you do
I'm gonna get get my hang low sucked off by some of these sluty ass ho's, CHUUCH
by Tyler Duden March 20, 2005
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Cognate of the English word "church."

Technical and exclamatory term, also a covert alert which was fashioned by a rap artist meaning that "we have had fun but we need to leave." People in general would rather be watching football instead of going to church.
"Dis club is wack in the pejorative sense. Chuuch."
by DJ Wif Cheese December 20, 2007
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