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To take longer than needed to complete a task or arrive at a destination.Often caused by people farting about doing nothing in particular.

Although the word might have been created by a Ferryhiller with reference to the original king of churffing Mathew "churffy" Murphy, the word is now more often than not directed at the residents of Ferryhill in Aberdeen.Now better known as the Ferryhill Churff Squad.
"Fuck sake min, we've been waiting for ages.The boy is having a right churff!"
by Seymore Bellchunk February 23, 2007
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A sexual term. Rub your man meat between a fat girls cloven hoof. Put it in her chumchute, continue adding a dollop of crisco to increase the warming sensation. Then punch her in the face and desecrate her with your jizzum.
Yo mack daddy... I'm from the hood, listen y'all... Those mothas always churff!
by Ryann y Shannon January 04, 2004
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