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Church Job - n. - refers to a blow job performed in close proximity to a church or chapel. To become a true "cj" (church job for short), the person receiving the blow job must be in a relationship with a different male or female than that who is performing the act of oral sex. You get bonus props for getting a "cj" if your cheating on a Korean girl, who is nicer and more innocent than anyone you can imagine.
Damn man, I can't believe you got another church job tonight, thats dope!
by Super Sq October 06, 2009
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The act of performing for a church or in a church. Usually signing or playing an instrument. The act does not need to be sexual but it is significantly more honorable if it is.
Matt Hill: "I got paid 200 dollars for a church job last Sunday"
Jason: "No way that's sexy!"
by Experience4life1 March 23, 2010
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when you get some ass at church
guy1: dood i just got a bj
guy2: whered u get it
guy1: at church
guy2: sweet so you got a church job
Guy1: yep
by jobman May 03, 2007
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