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"Looking like a ChugJug" (this would be a very flattering compliment)
by SoBB_ October 18, 2018
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Shit that you won't have time to drink because your shit ass squad can't protect you, nor can you protect yourself.
You: Cover me while I drink this chug jug
Teammate: Okay *dies*
Teammate: Gotcha *dies*
Teammate: Yep *dies*
Me: *dies*
by Mei-main May 01, 2018
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a plastic container, generally filled with an alcoholic mixed drink used for quick consumption
guy 1: is this fruit punch?
guy 2: don't touch that! it's my chug jug!
by mlbsweeeeet May 18, 2009
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When someone is passed out, put a gask mask on their face and connect tubes to it. Stick the other end of all the tubes into other participating people's assholes and siphon the butt fumes into the gas mask of the sleeping person.
Bro my friends hit me with a chug-jug last night.. shit was wild.
by Dabaks November 27, 2018
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