A chode-like looking person with the posture of a gremlin. Often seen lurking in the streets of K-town. They have fat, stubby chubby arms and legs.
Oliver Gaziano: Oi, come here you dirty little girl!

Every passing girl: Shut up you Chuddy!
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The nickname of a girl named Anna who’s name didn’t really fit her so she goes by “Chuddy”
by Lights out February 25, 2022
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near perfection, prestige, extravagantly presented, cute, sexy, something often wished for but never possessed
He is so chuddy, wish he'd take notice of me

Chuddy is so hot, god I want him
by Sitchit April 28, 2011
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1.A female who is chubby and likes to show it off. 2. A fat girl that thinks she is skinny.
by M. Weimer December 27, 2002
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100% male cotton underwear fastened at the waist by a thin belt-like piece of cotton.
by gabber singh February 13, 2003
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