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A typical twink who has a metabolism previously unseen before to man.

The ability to consume copious amounts of food without gaining a pound.

The ability to eat copious amounts of food without gaining a single pound.
"Ronny was such a chubscout he ordered every sandwich off the menu, when he was finished that bitch made me take him to TCBY where he enjoyed all 22 flavors!
by Ryesha June 01, 2015
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A physical reaction that occurs when a man is looking at a woman and finds her to be attractive. Because of this fact, he penis begins to get a little erect, or he has a "chub scout"
-tune of Copo Cabana.
"Chub scout,
she gives me chub scout..."
by Kasdun September 07, 2007
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Any over weight fatty that loves to sit at home and play vids instead of goin out partyin.

Anyperson who thinks a party is 5 tacos at tacobell
No were not going to taco bell instead of the party tonight your such a chub scout
by let it be known April 20, 2006
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A Boy Scout who is found to be particularly attractive by the Scout Master. Thus giving the Scout Master a "Chubby".
"I wouldn't even be a Scout Master if it wasn't Timmy, he is such a Chub Scout!"
by Tur7le December 17, 2013
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