A person that goes by the name Chubey (or is frequently called Chubey) will have a big hog, like a real PHAT hog, something you can really grab onto.
"I bet Chubey has a PHAT HOG"
by Thermalmango November 17, 2020
Is a fart that one tastes.
Passing wind while blowing up a balloon resulted in giving myself a chubey.
by Anthony A. Gonzalez May 5, 2008
Born Feb. 3, 1994.


Has a love for donair, proscuitto, lox, good veggies, good steak, generally enjoys food.

Has good bathroom/hand washing ettique.

He enjoys exercising/weight-lifting, snowboarding.

Loves his family.
Thomas Chubey loves life.
by Tom Chub December 7, 2021