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An Indie Rock and Roll band based out of Iowa City, IA & Chicago that sounds like Rock & Roll, Sex, & Alcohol

The Chronies are an Indie Pop Rock band originating in Iowa City, IA. Comprising of 5 members: Todd (vocals/keyboard), Nicholas (guitar/vocals), Levi (drums/beer-maker), Michael (bass), and Chris (guitar) with special guests Brandon (guitar), and Jordan (bass). The Chronies formed two weeks prior to performing their debut show on May Day @ Old Brick in Iowa City, IA and is currently working in their Chicago studio producing their first cd.
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we all met through chronic chronyism and called eachother cronies at work. Then we started to live together and shortly after that we formed a band called the Chronies

"ey Yo Steve, Look @ Those cronies!" "what a bunch of labrats!" "mmmmm...chicheese"

Todd: Keyboard, Vocals
Nicholas: Guitar, Vocals
Levi: Drums
Michael: Bass
Chris: Guitar
by a Chrony January 31, 2009
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The best group of friends you'll ever find... though, sometimes they may scare you. Well known for being loud in the hallways throughout high school years. Well known for Festivus, Charleston Chewsday, Boyz Club, Leaping Dolfins, and Bev Grabs.
What is a Cleveland Steamer, and why are those Chronies over there talking about them?
by Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaay July 27, 2008
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