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A hypocritical "born again" Christian mixed with an emo. They hide behind the bible and convince others to convert; meanwhile these pathetic souls are generally depressed about 1st world issues. "I don't like working." "I don't like taking orders." "When I win the lottery..." "I pray that I'll win the lottery." Most Chremo's are late 30's to late 50's, middle to upper middle class insecure and angry grudge holders that put that fake "God fearing" Christian smile on to fool people; especially the heavy menopausal women. They hate themselves and refuse to seek help. "I'll pray about it." They judge others, gossip, play victim, and never practice what they preach. Hiding behind the bible. They act like their life is full of suffering and persecution. It's all self induced. They never apologize for treating others like shit. They really believe they are the victims. You never win with a Chremo. Why? They try to convert you, steal your joy so you can be miserable like them. Run from Chremo's. Run!

An MD I recently saw.
"Have you been saved? Do you know Jesus Christ?"

Me: "Yes." (Irrelevant to my rheumatology issues. But, oh well.)

MD- "You'll need to see a psychiatrist and tell them you are depressed."

Me: "Why? I'm not depressed. I'm not going to lie."

MD: "Please don't be upset. I don't want to feel defeated. We need their expertise to help you." (Classic emo victim mentality.)

Me: "Why do I need to see a psychiatrist?"

MD: "Only to balance your serotonin levels for a sleep study."

Me: "Well, I just had 1/2 my colon removed 1 month ago. And, we all know 80% of serotonin is produced in the GI tract."

MD: "Don't believe everything you read." (He was unaware that a world renowned doctor told me this personally.)

Me: Ring Ring: "Hi this is ABC, I'd like to know what my Serotonin serum levels were with all the lab ordered." I left a voicemail for this Lyin Ted's nurse 2 weeks ago; no reply.

Typical Chremo behavior. Yes, mofo, you are defeated. I don't like liars that carry a bible and tell you to lie. You don't need a psychiatrist to check serotonin.

F Chremo's!
by AngieSays June 21, 2016
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