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Choukri is the man who will captivate you with his wicked charm, dazzle you with his smouldering dark Arab eyes, and steal your heart with his smile. When he laughs, the whole universe comes to a halt to hear him. Just seeing his name will make your heart race. When he gets angry, look out because he will mow you down. He is a man of his word, and you can trust him with your secrets. Choukri is very loving and caring and faithful, if you ever meet a Choukri, watch out because he is a thief, he'll steal your heart and when you want it back he won't give it up. Choukri is the epitome of sexy, if you see him without his shirt watch out because you will probably go crazy with desire.
1. Girl #1- Did you see that guy in the library?

Girl #2-Yeah, he was a total Choukri!!

2. Girl #1- She is SO lucky!

Girl #2-why?

Girl #1-Because she's going out with Choukri.

3. Guy #1-Damn, he totally kicked that guys ass!

Guy #2-Yeah, don't fuck with Choukri!
by PrincessM March 11, 2011
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