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1.) A person of Japanese decent. Derived from the term "Choto mate kudasai" which means "Please wait a second" in Japanese.

2.) A person of asian decent, not of Japanese, but acts in a crazy manor like a Japanese person.
Look at all those chotos!
She's just a little choto

That person is taking so many pictures, must be a choto.
Look at that guy in the dinosaur costume! He's such a choto!

by DubDees April 19, 2009
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a homesexual in a very ofensive way
that guy who drees like a gilr but has a dick and is ugly

un homosexual en una manera ofensiva
ese hombre que se viste como mujer, tiene pene y es feo
dont be choto lets get some zuripantas
take a look to that "girl" is a choto

no seas choto vamos por unaszuripantas
mira a esa "mujer" debe ser un choto
by C&V April 11, 2008
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When an asian who has a chode, takes a photo of it and posts it on facebook for the world to see!
Person 1: Dude did you see Liu Wang's facebook??
Person 2: Yea dude! His fucking choto is like smaller than Mickey Rooney's!!
Person 1: I no longer have an appetite. (flips off).
Person 2: Go fuck yourself Brad!
Person 1: I already did you fucking chode!
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