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(noun) {shoh-prah-iz-uhm} A string of common words placed within a sentence so incomprehensible the listener is sometimes rendered temporarily comatose.
Dave "So what do you think about death?"

Adam: "Birth and death are space-time events in the continuum of life. So the opposite of life is not death. The opposite of death is birth. And the opposite of birth is death. And life is the continuum of birth and death, which goes on and on."

Dave "Umm, what?... I understand the words, but it doesn't mean anything. Ugh, my head hurts!"

Aaron "You should have seen the last guy, a coma for three weeks!"

Dave "How do you even describe... whatever that was?"

Aaron "That my friend, we call a Chopraism"
by SteveDrakovari July 11, 2012
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