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The process by which regular masturbation (or to bate oneself) has become so tedious and lackluster that a new method concentrated around "sexual asphyxiation" must be put into effect in order to maintain high levels of arousal.

This process is usually done with an object capable of strangulation such as a belt or for the pros, an actual noose

It is usually recommended that the chokebater has a "spotter" in case of emergency, but this concept basically defeats the art of masturbation.
Friend 1: Dude it's getting pretty bad

Friend 2: What is?

Friend 1: Seriously its like nothing can turn me on anymore when I'm trying to bate.

Friend 2: Do you ever watch like super hardcore shit, like snuff films or whatever.

Friend 1: No man, I'm not that weird. Its just that there is something missing.

Friend 2: Well, I heard Tony tried that one thing where he put a noose around his neck and right before he was about to pass out, blew a huge load and said it was the coolest thing ever.

Friend 1: Chokebate?

Friend 2: Yep, thats it

The action can physically be seen in:
"Weeds" on Showtime. Kevin Nealon as Doug in Season 5.
by Crark July 14, 2010
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