If a female has a substantial amount of hair in her nether reagion, she may be accused of having chocolate sprinkles.
You'd think she'd have a clean shave, but she had some serious chocolate sprinkles.
by TruthfulMeaning August 18, 2016
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The fecal matter sprinkled on a man's penis following anal sex with a woman who has consumed Pepto bismol.
My girl had the stomach flu last night, she took Pepto, she felt better, so I fucked her in the ass. I got bad poop dick, it was covered in dark chocolate sprinkles.
by Lisafer September 2, 2019
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To shit on your girl or hoe's chest while spinning in a circle. The when the poo is curly you cut your pubes and put the shavings on top for sprinkles and then ejaculate on top for the icing =Chocolate Twisty with Sprinkles and Icing!
Damn that hoe ate my Chocolate Twisty with Sprinkles and Icing.
by Ninja Mook July 22, 2009
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When a group of men drop the pants on top of a balcony and sprinkle the person below with fecal matter.
by Succulentcactus March 8, 2022
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