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Smurfs whom are of the Chocolate religion.

The most lovely creatures.
They often have blue skin.

These Smurfs put their faith in Chocolate.

Must say CHOCOLATE and SMURF in each of their sentences in replacement of an adjective.
A- Is that a Chocolate Smurf?
B- Oh, yes, of course!

A- How can you tell?
B- Well, it is eating my chocolate bar!
A- Is it's name Andi?
B- How would I be able to tell?
A- Andi's believe they're super sexy when she is actually an obese little troll who resembles a cross-breed of Snooki and a gorilla..
B- That sounds more like a Jaramillio to me...
A- I love Chocolate Smurfs!

B- Me too!

by ChocolateSmurfLover July 16, 2011
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