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The mark you leave on sheets when you sit your dirty ass on them without making sure you've wipped your ass.
You shit you've left chocolate kisses all over the sheets
by Brad Walsh January 21, 2003
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A chocolate kiss is the act of deliberately incorrectly wiping your asshole, so that the next time you are recieving a rim job your partner gets some hershey stains on his lips and teeth. This transaction is known as a chocolate kiss, and although involantary in most cases can sometimes be done deliberately by either person for enhanced pleasure or for revenge.
1) Wait until Duke finds out that I have prepped my asshole for a chocolate kiss

2) Although it took me 3 weeks to clean the corn out of my teeth, I really enjoyed it when I gave Doc a chocolate kiss. What a fantastic birthday present, and a fantastic boyfriend I have.
by TGSMaverick January 11, 2006
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Two partners spread their butt cheeks, and touch buttholes together. A french chocolate kiss is where one partner poops in the other partners butthole.
Brendan and Christopher wanted to have sex, but they didnt wanna put their penis where the other guy's poop comes out. So they decided to have a french chocolate kiss. So their buttholes touched eachother, while Brendan pooped in Christophers butthole.
by catbreeder June 01, 2007
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noun: to pecker-slap a friend hard enough for the tip of the penis to reach the outer-rim of the anus, leaving fecal residue on the penis as a chocolate kiss.
Riley slapped Bryce's dick so hard, it left a chocolate kiss on his penis!
by meatchugger January 11, 2013
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a chocolate kiss is given after a girl takes a shit and a guy kisses it and then kisses her face...the brown kiss n her face is a chocolate kiss given from him to her.
" My boyfriend gave me the biggest chocolate kiss last night!"
by helelk jskjssdfljksdflkjslkdjf February 14, 2009
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