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Chocolate dipping is most commonly used when a male or female has long taint hair. After taking a crap you dip the toilet paper in the bowl to get the paper wet for a cleaner wipe.
Haef: β€œ What the hell is that noise Brock, it sounds like someone is chocolate dipping in the stall right next to me”

Brock: β€œ Not uhhh! Stop talking I wanna hear it”
by Cap. Haef June 01, 2018
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Luscious and rare assholes covered approximately halfway with 100% cocoa, one-quarter siracha cheesecake, and lizards. Frequently licked like ice, yo.
Hey skeeze, wanna get a chocky-dip "chocolate dipping" on?!!
by karam micharyn January 15, 2014
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