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A term used by ignorant anti-obama propaganda. They compare the current president, Barack Obama, to Adolf Hitler through their "socialist ideals".

However, people with half a brain will realize the Hitler and the Nazis were fascists. Socialism is much closer to Marxism, although it has many differences. Communism tries to remove all social class while Socialism wishes to distribute it evenly. The poor do the harder work while the rich pay off the majority of the tax, in a nutshell.
Ignorant Youth: Obama is a socialist like Hitler, he's a Chocolate Adolf Hitler !
Smart Youth: No, Hitler was a fascist, much difference. The Czech Republic is Socialist, and since when did they fuck up 6 million Jews?
Ignorant Youth: NO! NO! NO! NO! OBAMA = HITLER!
Smart Youth: Okay buddy, let me re-weld the left side of your model airplane...
by Pandemikk March 06, 2009
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Not change, Resurrection. Vote Hitler. I mean Obama.

Hitler gave great speeches, too.

"Hey man you see Obama's speech on TV last night?"
"Yeah, that guy seems like the chocolate Adolf Hitler more and more everyday."
by XcupcakeX January 22, 2009
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Barack Obama

Both Hitler and Obama were confronted with an Economic Crisis. Obama has moved forward with the Nationalization of the Major Industries in this nation as his Answer. First Banking. Now Auto. Next Healthcare. How is this any different than Hitler's solution which was to do the same thing?
Obama is running in the worst economic times known to us since the Great Depression. Hitler did the same thing with the same answers to his economy that Obama has for our economy. Spread the wealth. They both were treated like celebrities in their countries. Are we repeating history? Barack Obama seems like the Chocolate Adolf Hitler.
by not found [Error 404] June 05, 2009
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